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Along the lines of the Addin Installer, this utility allows you to create a shortcut to a commonly used program of yours. This shortcut is added to the left side-bar (the "AppBar") of the Palm Desktop.



  • Run "ShortCutReg.exe"
  • You can select what to name your shortcut, what to run, and what bitmap to show.
  • If a "ShortCutReg.ini" or "setup.ini" file is found in the same folder as "ShortCutReg.exe" then it is read
  • There are currently two sections in the INI file
Application=App Title

CreatorID=30000 (a unique one will be created if this one exists)
Program=Test.vbs (use full path for best results)
Directory= (startup path, can be blank)
(use %USERNAME% to pass the current Palm user to your program)
Icon=NETHOOD.bmp (use full path for best results)
AppBarText=Ldap (shown on left App Bar)
MenuText=Ldap &Import (shown under Palm Desktop "View" menu)
Integrate=1 (0 or 1, 1 means a Visible icon on the AppBar)

Download :

0.9.4 (May 17, 2003): (24kb)

0.3.1 (Nov. 3, 2002): (23kb)