je me présente General Troubleshooting

Here are a few preliminary things to check if you cannot install or get one of the utilities going.
PE -
AN - ANAction

1 - [PE/AN] If you get a "Error 372 (Failed to load control 'SST ab' from TABCTL32.OCX. ..." or a "Component "MSCOMCT2.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" you need to install / update the Visual Basic libraries required by SpyKo Utilities Addins (such as TabCtl32.ocx, MsComCt2.ocx, etc).

UPDATE (Sept. 2002): The installation of these libraries has been redone and now works(!), you can get the SpyKoPreInst.exe (~ 840 kBytes) file from the SpyKo web page.

If you get any OCX related problems, run SpyKoPreInst.exe anyway, even if the installation program did not ask for it.

2 - [PE] If you cannot find an "nndbase.txt" file on your hard drive (the Eudora main Addressbook)

Open Eudora, create a dummy contact (you can always delete it after the first synchronization with PE), and then search for nndbase.txt. Point PalmEudora to this file that was just created by Eudora.

3 - Palm Desktop 4.1 for Clie: This is up to Sony, and they have only released a Palm Desktop 4.1 upgrade for a few models; namely the PEG-NX60 and the PEG-NX70V.

You can find more info and the download on the Sony site.

4 - [PE]: You get an error when launching PESync such as "Automation Error: ...".

I have found that the Palm Desktop sometimes does not register itself fully. One solution that has worked for some users is to re-register the Address Book DLL. You can do so as follows:
Open a DOS prompt

  • Navigate (cd) to where you installed the Palm Desktop (D:\Documents\Palm\ in my case)
  • Re-Register using the following command "regsvr32.exe addr20.dll" (without the quotes).
  • Press "OK" on the dialog box that confirms the registration of addr20.dll.

5 - [PE/AN]: More Automation Errors or the Palm Desktop complaining about the Addin, and asking the user to contact the Addin vendor. A surefire way to start troubleshooting these 'weird' occurences is to make sure you do not have any corrupted Palm Desktop entries. Follow these steps to have the Palm Desktop attempt to fix them:

  • Enter the Palm Desktop menu Tools:Options
  • Select the Tools tab
  • Click on the Check and repair corrupt records button

6 - If all else fails: Re-install the Palm Desktop, even though this implies having to reinstall your additional conduits (DocsToGo, SplashID, etc), ... and contact me.