Welcome to the SpyKo Utilities home page. I started learning Visual Basic when I found the need for some applications that no-one seemed to be creating (and after having created batch files of all types over the years, even .vbs ones.) The last straw was the announcement of the Palm Desktop 4.1, which finally allowed Addins and Extensions to be easily coded in C++ and Visual Basic (Addins at least). So I learned VB while coding what I needed, which is the best way to learn anyway.

The utility I started with was PESync, to synchronize my Eudora and Palm address books. I am an avid user of ActionNames Datebook from Iambic, so I then went on to coding ANAction. The rest are little utilities I needed along the way. For example, the new ShortCut registration of the Palm Desktop is an excellent and convenient method of adding your favorite utilities to the Palm desktop bar, just like in Outlook. The problem is that the registration is only done through coding, so I decided to create a little utility (ShortCutSetup) for my own benefit, and I am now publishing it into the public domain.

What's New :

March 2005: ANAction Pro and PESync have been released under the GNU Public License and are available on SourceForge.Net. Please check the links on the left for the project spaces on SF.Net

November 2004: Coding of ANAction Pro and PESync has stopped (I am not using the Palm Desktop nor Eudora any longer.)

Sept 5 '04 : PESync updated to 3.1.1

June 29 '04 : ANActionPro updated to 3.0.1

May 17 '03 : ShortCutReg beta 0.9.4 available